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We had been doing this for the past 15 years. Made4ever is a pioneer matrimonial management and consultancy firm with trusted name and innumerable satisfied clients. We believe in our ancestral, cultural, traditional and moral values considering marriage as a pious, long lasting and perfect union of two families. But in today’s world everybody is running fast with desires and dreams in the eyes but without time and sense of judgement to realize their relations and hence life. At this point as No.1 consultancy firm, we understand this changing time and hence Made4ever is offering unique opportunity and perfect service for matrimonial alliances for the new generation.

This includes three innovative approaches to make your dream marriage a reality.


Any relation is bound to have some or the other differences. However, sometimes these differences may scale to heights leading to clashes. Repeated clashes in a marriage can be detrimental to its health and may lead to separation or divorce. This can be very bad for the family, especially if children are involved.


  1. When you are not at talking terms with your partner
  2. Whenever you speak, you speak negatively.
  3. When you begin to keep secrets from each other
  4. When you hide your finances from each other
  5. When you begin to think or go for a relationship outside marriage
  6. When you begin to live separately or have least possible interactions
  7. When your sex life becomes almost nil


A marriage counsellor can help you cope up with the stress of a marriage that is on the edge of breaking away in the following ways:

  1. Assist you to focus with clarity on what is of concern to you
  2. Help you determine the crux of the problems
  3. Offer support and can understand your views without being judgmental in any way
  4. Respect your values and emotions
  5. Help you discover and understand what exactly is troubling you
  6. Help you in making strong decisions without faltering and will help you in determining the choices that are right for you
  1. Talking to a marriage counsellor will relieve you from your stress and anxieties
  2. You will have an elevation in the level of your self confidence
  3. You will be more clear in your approach and tackling of the issues
  4. You will be in a better position to determine your options
  5. Relationships can be improved if they are a repercussion of any sort of misunderstanding
  6. Your goals will be more clear and pre-defined
  7. It will help you to overcome loss and grief n visit alone or along with your partner to meet marriage counsellor expert Mr. Ashish Narang for face to face interactive sessionin Delhi or can call him directly. For more details, you can visit
Mr. Ashish Narang excels in offering the following personal counselling services for problems arising due to various reasons:

Pre-Marital Counselling
Marital Counselling/Marriage Counselling
Divorce Counselling
Family Counselling /Individual Counselling