Terms of Use/ Service Agreement

Terms and Conditions are to provide best care to our customer with complete security. Made4ever helps you to advertise and promote between the other members and communities. You can start using our website, free of cost though we have premium service available to serve our customers. In premium services your profile will be promoted by made4ever.in through various communication channels like email, publishing, chat, SMS, online search results etc. Made4ever is committed to serve customers but in case of any fraud, misuse of information or any such criminal activities done by any member of the site, then we will endow whole support and assistance in the procedure of court and police according to the instructions provided by them.

Terms of Use

For the complete usage of the services of Made4ever you have to register with us and provide your personal information like age, date of birth, complete name, address, current location etc. All the registered members are required to adhere to policy and all the terms and conditions of Made4ever.in. It is expected that you must go through with our policy before registering to our site and if you are in complete agreement then only register with us. We never enforce or promote to join our website without going through the Terms and conditions. These terms are updated on regular basis as per the need and law, so you are requested to go through our policy from time to time to make yourself aware. At any point of time, you have the option to unsubscribe or delete your information from the website.


As per the laws of India legal marriageable age is 18, so to use this Site or become a registered member of Made4ever, your current age must be equal to or above 18 years for females and equal to 21 years or above for males. www.Made4ever is to facilitate personal advertisement for people who are lawfully capable for a legal marriage under the law to which they belong. Membership in the Service is void where prohibited. Registering to this website or by using it, you confirm that you are not restricted by any tribunal, court or any competent authority under any applicable law, decree or order and you have the legal right to enter in matrimony agreement. By using the services of this website, you agree to adhere to all the terms and conditions of this agreement. Made4ever reserves the right to restrict you to use the service or terminate your membership without any refund of unutilized subscription fee, if at any point of time, under any circumstances, for any reason, if we find that you made any misrepresentation about your details or you are not eligible to become member or in case of misuse of the services.


If you want to abolish your membership for any reason, at any time, then you can proceed by writing to us. If you do that, then we are not accountable to refund any unused subscription fees paid by you. Made4ever will send a notice to your given email Id and may interdict your membership and access to website for any purpose. You will not be eligible to claim for any reimbursement of subscription fees if your membership is terminated for breach of this Agreement’s terms and conditions. Terms can be varying for the paid Membership according to the type of membership taken by you. Some provisions of this agreement shall stay effective even on termination; these provisions include sections 4, 5, 7, 9 to 12.

3. Non-Commercial Usage by Members of website

Made4ever is an online platform to publicize and advertise the profiles of eligible persons for the purpose of finding relevant matches. This site can be used only for personal use, or by our associates and partners. It includes providing links to other websites whether they are competitive sites or not. Any company or business is not permissible to register as a member of the website. Detailed investigation will be performed and legal action under the applicable civil or criminal law will be taken if we find any illegal activities or unauthorized access of the website.

4. Other Terms of Use by Members

  • •Made4ever has the right to review and monitor all the activities and status of every account and reserve the rights to block any account.
  • •By registering as a member of website, you accept the terms and conditions of Made4ever with the commencement of registration date. You will not have any objection in receiving messages, phone calls or emails from Made4ever or from any member of the website. This includes promotional calls, Matchmaking advertisements or any matchmaking enquiries. Your acceptance will not be valid if you have set any preference of DND (Do not disturb registration) or National Customer Preference Register (NCRP). In such case, you will not be allowed to use our services and your registration will be nullified.
  • •Duplicate or more than one profile is not allowed for a single person. We reserve the rights to deactivate such duplicate accounts. No refund will be made in such circumstances.
  • •Members of Made4ever are only permitted to advertise/promote their profile for matchmaking purpose. No one can use this website for buying/selling any product, or any other services. They are not permitted to send any email or junk messages to any other member. Misusing the other member’s information to harass, advertise, harm, abuse or any miss conduct will be deemed as infringement of our terms and conditions. We can’t monitor such acts but have complete rights to act, in case of any offences or complaint. Our team is constantly devoted towards the safety and privacy of each and every customer.
  • •By using any automated software or process like Exec’s, program execution, IRC Bots or any such kind of script if you try to connect with any member or try to use our services then it will be considered as cyber-crime.
  • •Made4ever.in reserves the rights to screen and observe all the messages and inter-communication done via our website. Made4ever.in can delete any communication at any point of time without informing to any particular member.
  • •All the members of Made4ever are expected to be aware and take utmost care of their privacy. They must go through/exercise the security tips given by Made4ever. Your association with us gives confirmation that you will adhere and abide to all the security tips.
  • •By associating with Made4ever user provides their acceptance that they have gone through all terms and conditions and they will agree to follow all terms and conditions irrevocably and unconditionally

5. Proprietary Rights in the Content on Made4ever.in

All the rights related to the services and website are completely reserved by Made4ever.in owns the copyright of the site content, trademarks and all other proprietary information, licences of the site. Any information which is not in public domain can’t be copied, used, published, distributed, displayed, modified, transmitted or sold. Any attempt for such act will be treated as violation of agreement and lead to termination of your membership without any notification or refund. Made4ever.in reserves complete rights to take appropriate action against such act.

Content Posted on the Site

  • •Made4ever.in has authority to publish, reproduce, adapt, distribute, modify, and publicly display member information includes/not limited to contact details.
  • •Made4ever.in members have their own responsibility for the information they provide on the site, via email or post. Made4ever.in is not liable for any issues or after effects occurring due to uploading, sharing or publishing of your content.Made4ever.in cannot be blamed for the accuracy, quality, integrity of content and information published on site. We are not accountable under any situation, not limited to any loss, error, damage due to content published on the site, emailed or transmitted. Made4ever.in reserves the power and authorization to certify your information at any point of time and can ask for the supporting/Proof documents. If any divergence or variation is observed by Made4ever.in, then your membership will be cancelled without any refund or previous information.
  • •Made4ever.in has the right to remove any member profile, messages, communications, content or photos which are/might be offensive, harm, or threaten any member or Made4ever.in or their safety.
  • Deemed Illegal and prohibit content such as:

  • •It will never be accepted and treated offensive, if any member communicates content which is bigotry, suggestive to physical harm, or is anti-national or against any member of Made4ever.in.
  • •Any kind of nuisance or harassment of other members by, transmitting, commenting, positing or communication.
  • •Transmitting of any chain, Junk, Spam, Mass email chain, or any offensive emails. .
  • •Promotion of any false or misleading information. .
  • •Publishing any copyright content or providing link of any computer program or script, putting pirated music sites link or files or any other pirated content.
  • Uploading any pornographic material like photos, videos
  • •Uploading any sexually explicit content.
  • •Any content which exploits any person under age of 18 in any form such as sexual or violent or unsocial material.
  • •Providing or distributing any illegal information like viruses, drugs or weapons buying selling
  • •Uploading or publishing password protected or restricted pages or images.

6. Copyright Policy

Made4ever.in has very stringent copyright rules of posting or uploading any proprietary information such as copyright material or trademarks. If any individual/organization believes that any of their proprietary information has been published on our site, they can give a written complaint containing the information given below:

  • •An application which is electronically or physically signed by the person or authorized person who can act on behalf of the actual copyright interest owner.
  • •Details of all the information which is claimed as copyright violation or infringed
  • •Details of all the pages and sections where such content is located
  • •Claiming person’s personal details such as Name, Email address, address, Contact details
  • •Claiming person needs to provide a written statement that he believes that use of the copyright content is not authorized by him/content owner and it’s against the law.
  • •A written statement by the claimant that you have a good faith/ belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the individual’s/organization copyright owner, its agent, or the law
  • •Your acknowledgement that all the information you have provided is correct and you are fully authorized to act for your content or on behalf of content owner. .

All the above information should be sent to our office address.

7. Member Disputes

Made4ever.in reserves the rights to analyze, the clashes between members of website. But we are not responsible for any dispute related to your personal communication with other participants of Made4ever.in. We are entitled to take suitable action against the culprit members. However, we are not liable to share any kind of details of such action with complainants and any other member. We are expressly denying from any kind of responsibility related to your interaction or transactions.

8. Privacy.

Made4ever.in services and usage of this website is ruled by our Privacy Policy.

9. Other declarations

  • Made4ever.in is not accountable for any damage caused by technical glitch of the site. These include issues such as unavailability of site, Server error, delay, slowness, email functionality error, communication lines failure or any other problem caused due to accessing or connecting to our site and services.
  • There is no special matrimonial offer or any reference thereof provided by us. The entire team of Made4ever.in does not have any personal zest in suggesting or recommending any profile for members. Made4ever.in has no liability for any damage, loss, harassment from any individual member or any relation that is build up by using this website.
  • Made4ever.in cannot be blamed for any unlawful or criminal activities from the content on the website. Member, user or any party who has provided the information on site will be totally responsible for it and ready to take some action or further step in situation of infringement of law. We are entitled to claim the amount of loss that is caused by such content or information. This includes loss, harm, damage resulting from the information available on the website or accessing the site.
  • 10. Alertness against fraudulent practices

    Made4ever is very cautious against fraudulent practices. We verify the information details of every user including mobile number, and ensure basic screening of all profiles. Any inappropriate profiles are identified and deleted. However, despite our stringent efforts, some users may enter information that is incorrect and their profiles may become live on site. Hence, we guide our users to be cautious and use their own judgment to ascertain the genuineness of the other person. We have issued strict guidelines against fraudulent practices and strongly recommend our members to follow these:

  • •Kindly confirm all information including education, career, income and family background etc of the profile you are interested in.
  • •Do not give any personal favors such as depositing funds, lending money or transporting goods for any person who may or may not be representing us.
  • •Kindly do not interact with representatives of fake websites posing to be from Made4ever.in.
  • •We do not ask for your user password or other information on phone or personally. Anyone doing so may be looking to misuse your information. Kindly do not share your login details with anyone.
  • •Kindly do not share your financial details such as bank account number, credit card details and online banking details etc. In case you suspect that something is not correct about any profile or any person representing us, kindly share with our customer support immediately.
  • 11. Jurisdiction

    All the disputes generated by accessing or using the services of made4ever.in are subjected to laws under Delhi jurisdiction. made4ever.in will not at all engaged in such conflicts in any way. All such dispute will be taken care as per the law and comes under jurisdiction of Delhi courts.

    12. Limitation on Liability

    We will not be responsible in case of any sort of special or punitive, consequential, exemplary damages or any financial loss occurred due to use of Made4ever.in services, whether our website or services was the reason behind the advertisement of the possibility of such events or damage.

    13. Indemnity

    Any officers, affiliates, agents, employees, or any other partners of Made4ever.in will be indemnified from any losses, claim, liability or demand from any third party/individual for fees or compensation arising due to use of the services.

    14. Other.

    •As a promotion or for any other services you will receive certain emails from Made4ever.in or its other group sites. There is option to unsubscribe such emails by going in alert section in settings. You can use it to serve your purpose.

    •The complete agreement for using the services or website is between users and Made4ever.in. Any kind of updates and changes will be applicable along with the remaining agreement, in full force and effect.

    By Acknowledging and accepting above terms and condition means you have read and understood each and every point and hereby you will be abiding by them. You can always contact Made4ever.in in case of any doubt/concern.