This agreement contains terms and conditions governing the use or participation of any ‘individual’ or ‘business entity’ in Affiliate program. In this agreement the word ‘you /user/ affiliate’ used for applicants and ‘we/us’ words refer to It is hereby confirmed that you are agreeing and understanding these terms and condition by using our website and services.

1. Using Made4ever services is an internet enabled virtual platform that allows the users and marriage agencies to advertise and distribute their client’s profiles to contact or communicate with the other users for the matchmaking purpose. Made4ever is not responsible to endorse or promote any information or posting that listed on our website. We strongly encourage user to use vigilance while interacting and sharing your personal information with other users. Carefully judge all the aspects before committing for any further action. It is further clarified that the marriage agencies that use our website can use it only for displaying the profiles of their clients, we will not be responsible in any way to verify the background or any other information of the profile displayed. The verification and any other processes involved will solely be the responsibility of the concerned agency.

2.Enrolment in the Program

In order to use the platform of you have to go through enrolment process by submitting your application at our website. We have right to accept or reject your application. We may reject your application if we find your agency inappropriate for our program. Ineligibility criteria means any promotion of illegal activity, hacking content, sexual content, pornography, any violence regarding religion or nationality or indulging in any kind of illegal ways of advertisement. After acceptance of your application if we find that you are engaged with any activity which is inappropriate for our program then we have right to abolish this agreement at any point of time. In case of rejection of your application you can reapply at any time.

3.Payment Policies

You are entitled to pay according to the terms and conditions decided at the time of registration and it can be changed periodically which will be informed to you. If we identify any fraudulent action, then we may block your account. We can take any legal action against the individuals or companies that are implicated in such fraud. All the persons register under the affiliate program are deemed as a member of All the terms and conditions, policies, customer services and rules regarding operating procedures relating to members conduct are applicable on that person. We have right to transform or modify the policies, prices and operation procedure at any point of time. Prices to be charged for the services will be determined as per our pricing policies.

4. Refund

We are not entitled to pay any remuneration or commission on auto renewals of existing subscription. In case of refund or charged back of any subscription offer for which payment of commission fee has been done to the affiliate then it will be deducted from the next payable due of the affiliate.

5. How to Proceed

After the enrolment process you have to create your account on our website. Once done, you can proceed to upload the profiles of your clients on our website.

6. Responsibility of Your posting content

You will be solely responsible for the maintenance of the profile of your client that you post on our website. You have agreed that you have taken prior information and permission from the clients to post their information on our matchmaking portal. We may block your account if we find you guilty in case of stolen of profile picture. You are responsible for the following tasks

  • • Listing or posting any Information about the client profile like date, images, profile messages; audio or video shall not be fraudulent or mislead other users of website. We are not liable for the accuracy of data posted by you at our website.
  • • Material posted by you on our website shall not be contravened against the rights of any third party such as rights related to trademark, patent, copyright etc
  • • Make sure the material you are posting either on our website is not illegal.
  • • You will be responsible to indemnify and keep us harmless from all expenses, damages, claims and attorneys' fees relating to the uploading of profile data of your client on our site. We disclaim all liability against the content posted by you.
  • • In case of maturity of any client profile then it is your responsibility to remove the profile and data from our website. We are not liable to maintain your data.
  • • If you steal or misuse the profile picture or any other data of our members or post any fictitious information without verifying on our website, then we may immediately block your account without informing you.

7. Infringement of marketing strategy

With registration to affiliate program with us you are required to follow email and other guidelines mentioned by us. In case of non-adherence of marketing guidelines reserves the right to suspend your Affiliate account.

Email Marketing Guidelines:
  • • You are required to follow an anti-Spam policy, so that mailer is not treated as Spam
  • •The data usage in the mailers should be an OPT IN data
  • •If you want to make your own subject line for mail, then before sending it out to your database take a prior approval from us.
  • •You are not allowed to advertise services of via links in e-mail or using banners etc.
  • Other marketing guidelines:
  • •Affiliates are not permitted to use trademark, deceptively similar keywords or misspelled words for pay per click on Internet search engines. You are prohibited to use domain forwarding and redirected links & pages to send a user to our website.
  • •Affiliates should not do any kind of act which is unfavourable for the reputation of
  • •Affiliate will not use any communication ways which are contradictory with our guidelines. .
  • •In case of any obligation or claim arise then affiliate should immediately bring it to the notice of and act according to our advice. .
8. Term of the Agreement

Terms and conditions of this agreement will be applicable with our acceptance to your program application and end with the termination of contract by either by you or by us. Whether the termination is done by you or us, with or without any reason, is essential to send a written notification to the other party. In case of termination, your account will be immediately removed from the site and you will cease to use of trademark, logo, trade address and other material related to after the termination of agreement.

9. Modification has right to modify or alter the terms and condition of agreement, as per our sole discretion, at any point of time. We will post a new agreement or a notice about the changes in the terms of agreement on our website. Modification may include changes in program rules, payment terms and payment procedures etc. After posting the change notice if you are continuing to participating in the program then it will be deemed as your acceptance to the changes. In case any modification is not acceptable for you then the only solution is termination of this agreement.

10. Relationship of Parties

As per the terms of this agreement we will not construct any partnership, employment relationship, franchise, agency, sales representative or joint venture with the parties. You are not authorised to make or accept any contract or offer on behalf or as a representative of You are not allowed to make any statement, which is contradictory to our policies or terms and conditions, on your website or our website. In case any you are not able to attend affiliate meetings then we are not responsible to inform about the discussions and decisions of meeting

11. Policies regarding affiliate services
  • •We are not accountable to listen or resolve any complaint against the clients of affiliate
  • •We are not accountable for the services provided by affiliates to their clients.
  • •All the conversation made with any matching profile shall be done only by using name, id and contact number of affiliate.
  • •Contact number of affiliate can be shared only in case of profile matching or arranging meeting for further process.
  • 12. Subscription policies
  • •Made4ever offers free subscription to the members for 60 days. After the completion of 60 days members have to go for a paid plan. If they are unable to do payment or don’t renew their subscriptions then we have right to block their account. We will wait for 30 days if the members will not proceed further then the entire data of your profile will be saved in company data records and account will be dormant.
  • •Payment of the subscription package should be done in advance in MADE4EVER MATRIMONIAL Pvt Ltd a/c.
13. Limitation of Liability

Under any circumstances at any point of time our aggregate liability under this agreement cannot exceed the total registration fees. We are not accountable to pay any direct or indirect claim, damages for loss of data or revenue arising under this agreement. will not liable in any situation if client refuses or give less payment to affiliates. will not be liable for any delay in payment or any remaining payment from client.

14. Disclaimers

We don’t make any implied or express guarantee with respect to services or any program of our website. We are not accountable if due to any consequences any error or interruption occurs on our website. You acknowledge that you have read, understood and acknowledge all the terms and conditions of this agreement. We may operate website that are similar or completely identical with website and have right to ask at any time customer consultation on terms that may vary from the terms included in this agreement.

15. Miscellaneous

This agreement will be governed by Indian laws. You are not permitted to assign this agreement by operation of law or otherwise, you have to take our prior written permission for this. Any disputes or action related to this agreement will be comes under jurisdiction of Delhi court. Terms and conditions of this agreement will be binding on and enforceable against the parties and their assigns and successors. If you still have any doubts or question regarding our terms and condition, then contact us.